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Dynamic ecosystem of business united by a common goal

Aultrust operates as a dynamic ecosystem of businesses united by the mission to drive innovation across diverse sectors, including real estate, technology, finance, and education. We offer comprehensive financing solutions ranging from commercial lending to sophisticated structured financing with debt and equity components. Our core objective is to align these financial strategies with client goals, fostering sustainable growth and generating significant value within our broad network of industries.

Real Estate Development & Management

Aultrust is committed to reshaping the landscape of real estate development by prioritizing sustainability, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship. Our vision is to create distinctive communities that not only offer artistic design and a deep sense of belonging but also align with rigorous environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. These principles guide our development projects, ensuring they contribute positively to both the environment and the communities they serve.

Aultrust’s real estate operations are conducted through SwissReal Properties, where the founders of Aultrust are partners and integral operators. Leveraging the expertise and longstanding history of SwissReal, we are uniquely positioned to fulfill our commitment to sustainable and responsible development, delivering on our promise to create vibrant, enduring communities.

If you are interested in investing alongside us in our real estate projects, please click here to learn more.

Technology and Innovations

With a foundation built on two decades of innovation in fintech and finance, the founders of Aultrust bring their extensive tech background and successful history with startups and exits to the forefront of the technology sector. Specializing in financial technologies, their expertise fuels our newest ventures in cutting-edge solutions designed to revolutionize industry standards.

LendCore stands as a prime example of this innovation. Positioned at the cutting edge of the mortgage lending industry, LendCore employs advanced technology to streamline and enhance the lending process. Our focus on embedded lending solutions not only empowers property owners and platform providers but also facilitates seamless access to capital. By fostering a profitable ecosystem, LendCore ensures that all stakeholders involved benefit from more efficient operations and improved service delivery.

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Educational Excellence

Aultrust provides innovative educational solutions through Acorn Management Solutions, a comprehensive service platform that enhances childcare offerings by leveraging our technology and real estate expertise. We manage and establish childcare centers, strategically situating them within our properties to meet community needs effectively. Our advanced vertical management system optimizes all aspects of childcare facility operations, from administrative duties to educational programming, ensuring they cater to the unique needs of each community. This combination of real estate insight and technological innovation not only broadens access to quality childcare but also increases property value, benefiting investors, families, and communities.

The A-Corn Childcare Centers embody the Reggio Emilia Approach, fostering a creative and nurturing environment that honors the individual pace of child development. This method enhances both academic and personal growth, aligning with our mission to positively impact holistic child development.

Interested in supporting community childcare needs while benefiting from a unique investment opportunity? Join our childcare fund at Aultrust, where we offer a creative and beneficial solution for both our investors and the communities we serve. Click here to get involved and learn more.

Financial Services

At Aultrust, our financial services are designed to navigate complex financial landscapes by harnessing deep, cross-sector expertise. We offer tailored advisory services that enhance investment efficiency and ensure sustainability. Our team of experts provides strategic guidance and comprehensive solutions across diverse industries, ensuring that every investment achieves its fullest potential while aligning with our overarching mission of community and environmental impact.

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