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A Diverse Ecosystem of Innovation and Investment

Aultrust is a dynamic holding company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in diverse investments across real estate, finance, technology, and education. Evolving from a prime commercial lender and real estate advisory firm, we now lead multiple industries, offering sustainable growth solutions and partnering with businesses that share our commitment to community and environmental betterment.

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Diverse Sector Expertise: Driving Sustainable Growth and Innovation.

Explore our integrated approach to investment and management across our core sectors.


Technology Innovations

We drive advancements in financial technology to enhance transparency and efficiency in lending. Our innovative platforms are designed to decrease costs and increase funding access, providing secure, comprehensive financial solutions.


Real Estate Development & Management

With a strong foundation in property development and management, we focus on sustainable, innovative projects that enhance community and environmental well-being. Our integrated approach ensures that each project is both economically viable and socially beneficial.


Educational Excellence

At the forefront of educational development, we expand childcare and learning frameworks that nurture early development and lifelong learning. Our educational ventures are deeply integrated with real estate development to create optimal learning environments.


Financial Services

Our expertise extends to creating sophisticated financial structures that serve various sectors, facilitating strategic investments in real estate, technology, and education. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to the unique dynamics of each industry.

A Legacy of Expertise


Years Combined Diverse Industry Expertise

Expertise spanning real estate, finance, education, and technology, driving sustainable innovations and community growth.


Annual Community Impact

Last year alone, we’ve significantly enhanced the lives of families through our services in technology, real estate, and education.


Portfolio Management

Aultrust currently manages a diverse portfolio across real estate, technology, finance, and education sectors, with a total project value of $350 million.

We ensure transparency and efficiency across all our investment activities. Every investment decision is backed by rigorous research and comprehensive market insights to deliver sustainable growth and value.

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