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Aultrust Educational Fund

Invest in the Future of Children with Acorn Early Education

Acorn, an Aultrust company, is revolutionizing the childcare sector by integrating cutting-edge educational programs with strategically located facilities. Our comprehensive childcare solution involves managing and supporting childcare centers through advanced administrative, HR, accounting, and programmatic technology. This approach ensures high operational standards and a nurturing environment for child development.

Why Invest?

Investing in the Acorn Childcare Expansion and Property Investment Fund provides a unique opportunity to contribute to a socially impactful venture while receiving competitive financial returns. Investors become part of a solution that addresses a critical need for quality childcare facilities, supported by a seasoned team of real estate and educational management professionals.

The Acorn Childcare Expansion and Property Investment Fund is divided into two primary sections:

  1. Childcare Expansion Investments:
    • Objective: To finance the establishment and operation of new childcare centers.
    • Strategy: Invest in the fit-out, equipment, and operational setup of new childcare facilities within urban and suburban areas needing quality childcare services.
    • Returns: Targeted annual returns from operational income, benefiting from economies of scale and management efficiency.
  2. Property Investment:
    • Objective: To invest in properties that will host these childcare centers, ensuring long-term capital appreciation.
    • Strategy: Acquire and develop properties suited for childcare operations, leveraging Aultrust’s real estate expertise to select locations with potential for appreciation and stable rental yields.
    • Returns: Returns will be generated through property value appreciation and rental income from long-term leases to childcare operators.

Minimum Investment $1m


The management of the Acorn Childcare Expansion and Property Investment Fund is overseen by a team of seasoned professionals from Aultrust, bringing together expertise in real estate development, educational management, and financial strategy. This experienced team is dedicated to ensuring optimal fund performance through strategic asset selection, rigorous operational oversight, and proactive risk management, aligning investment goals with sustainable, long-term growth in the childcare sector.

Investment Options:

  • Equity Shares: Investors can purchase equity shares in the fund, participating in both the operational success of the childcare centers and the appreciation of the property assets.
  • Debt Financing: Offering fixed-interest returns, this option allows investors to contribute through secured loans to the fund, prioritizing capital preservation while providing steady income.
  • Hybrid Investments: Investors can opt for a mix of equity and debt to balance risk and returns, benefiting from both the operational income and the security of real estate investments.

To explore these investment opportunities or to purchase units of the fund, please reach out directly to Aultrust Financial. For detailed information and assistance, contact our Investor Services at: 

T: 604.336.9021

Must meet eligibility criteria.

For more information, please contact us using the form below.

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