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City planners and architects across Canada and BC are all looking for ways to produce lower cost, more versatile housing options for the “missing middle” with some success. The Missing Middle phenomenon is the lack of suitable and affordable housing options for a large cohort of the population that are not considered low income, and that are fundamental to a thriving and successful economic output of a given community. One program that helps to tackle this issue is the availability of lock-off units.

What is a lock-off unit?

Lock-off units are stand-alone extensions of a unit, complete with kitchenette and separate entrance, which provide flexibility for the owners to use as needed for their more senior members or teenagers, or rent them to create additional income for the family.

A lock-off unit is one that can be divided and both units can be independent with their own entrance.


How does lock-off units help affordability?

Rental Pool:

Lock-off unit adds to the community rental pool with affordable rental units, more affordable rental options for the younger member of the community.

Mortgage Helper:

A mortgage helper is a rental suite in which the income that you will receive from it can be used to apply for a mortgage. The main point of a mortgage helper is to help consumer pay off their mortgage quicker.