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Aultrust Financial combines finance with development to help build distinctive communities. Without the community’s input and support, our projects would not be able to offer the benefits that the community needs. 

Priorities of our communities have changed drastically with the realities of climate change, shifting demographics, and socio-economic drivers that are shaping our cities. We can no longer afford to view development in isolation. A broader and more inclusive viewpoint is needed to ensure communities are not just welcoming to new residents but are open to accommodating responsible developments that help fill the void and increase housing options.

Community engagement for 3000 Henry

As much excitement that the recent approval of the 3rd council reading for the project 3000 Henry has given us, it has been a long and rewarding process to get not only the council but also the Port Moody community to be involved in the design of the project. We have had an extensive community consultation program that has resulting in the project becoming substantially enriched. At the end of the day, we want to provide a development shaped by the surrounding community.

Who has been involved?

  • City of Port Moody Staff, Committees, and Council
  • Local artisan community (Port Moody Art Association)
  • Housing non-profit society
  • Local business owners
  • Individual community residents including service providers.
  • Other local community event organizers and volunteers
  • The local real estate community
  • Several other community-based organizations (firefighters, police, teachers, daycare providers, etc.)
  • Online reach:
    • Over 500 subscribers (250 RTO Port Moody subscribers)
    • Educational webinars (+2,000 views focused on RTO & Project Design)
    • Social Media: FB, IG & YT (+100 educational posts including 15 videos). Impressions of 10,654 directly from Port Moody in July 2020.
    • Project website (~7K daily engagement / +500 unique visitors/day)

From every meeting and presentation, all feedback has been taken into account to design and develop a more local development that is fit for the community.

Community Support

Support is a two-way street. The Port Moody community has been extremely supportive and engaged in the development of 3000 Henry, and at Aultrust we wanted to show our support back to the community. Over the past year, we have supported and donated to the following entities.

  • Port Moody Art Association
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation
  • Port Moody Firefighters Charitable Society
  • Port Moody Foundation
  • Inlet Rowing Club
  • Summer Sunday
  • Tricities Chamber of Commerce 2020 Golf Classic

We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to serve the community through the various initiatives that have and continue to be committed to.  We are committed to continued engagement with the residents as we move to the next phases of this development and others in the future and give back to this great community, contribute a small part in its growth and prosperity.